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The Massacre at Paris

Christopher Marlowe's play was performed in the Octagon Theatre of St Catharine's College, Cambridge on 2 July 2003 as part of the Marlowe Society of America's Conference.



King Charles of France:  Andrew Piper

Catherine, Queen Mother of France:  Sally Mortemore

The King of Navarre:  Jonathan Milton

Chatillon, Lord High Admiral of France:  Patrick Marlowe

Queen Margaret of Navarre:  Kelley Costigan

The Duke of Guise:  Gregory de Polnay

An Apothecary:  Tim Hyam

A Soldier:  Martin Carroll

The Old Queen of Navarre:  Sally Mortemore

Henry, Duke of Anjou:  Sebastian Bates

Duke Dumain:  Tim Hyam

Gonzague:  Martin Carroll

Retz:  Phillip Keiman

Montsoreau:  Andrew Piper

Leranne:  Phillip Keiman

Seroune:  Phillip Keiman

Ramus:  Patrick Marlowe

Taleus:  Jonathan Milton

The Lord Cardinal of Lorraine:  Martin Carroll

The Duke of Epernon:  Phillip Keiman

Plessis:  Patrick Marlowe

The Duke of Joyeuse:  Patrick Marlowe

Maugiron:  Andrew Piper

A Cutpurse:  Tim Hyam

The Duchess of Guise:  Kelley Costigan

A Maid:  Sally Mortemore

Baras:  Tym Hyam

The Captain of the Guard:  Tim Hyam

Guise's Son:  Kelley Costigan

A Friar:  Martin Carroll

A Surgeon:  Andrew Piper

The English Agent:  Token Academic


Director:  Kelley Costigan

Director's Assistant:  Heather Violanti

Stage Manager:  L. Grace Godwin

Camera Operator:  Anita Hagerman


The text is modernised from Edward Allde's undated Octavo (in the first part of Scene 19) from the Folger MS (Washington:  Folger Shakespeare Library MS J.b.8)