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This play by an unknown author, was performed in the Lecture Hall of Mason Croft (the home of The Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham) on 23 April 2005.



Porter:  Martin Wiggins

Primus:  Lizz Ketterer

Secundus:  Eleanor Lowe

Tertius:  Joy Sullivan

Prologue:  Lizz Ketterer

Cephisus:  Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Lyriope:  Joy Sullivan

Narcissus:  Kelly Steele

Tyresias:  Martin Wiggins

Dorastus:  Lizz Ketterer

Clinias:  Eleanor Lowe

Florida:  Catherine Richardson

Clois:  Kelley Costigan

Eccho:  Kelley Costigan

One with Bucket & Boughs & Grass:  Christian van Nieuwerburgh


Directed by Martin Wiggins

Songs by Lizz Ketterer


Originally written for undergraduate members of St. John's College, Oxford and last performed on 6 January 1603.